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Having a blog or website means little without traffic. To gain traffic and have high ranked SERPs (search engine result pages) you must have valuable PR back links from social bookmark websites to your blog or website

Social bookmarks are one of the best ways to build up free authoritative high PR, DoFollow links back to your content.

In this free how-to tutorial I will reveal the exact strategy and guide I used to build free back links for my clients and I will share with you the top 60 social bookmarking sites you should post on.

There is a debate whether Google looks at PageRank, personally I believe this is a worthwhile indicator to increase the credibility of your URLs. 

Why should I bookmark my content?

  • Social bookmarks count as high quality back links to your website or content and can work towards increasing your position in the major search engines.
  • Bookmarks can generate direct traffic and also help your content go viral online
  • They increase your brand awareness
  • It’s a great way to get your website or content indexed by search engines
  • Social bookmarks also give your domain authority with the search engines

BEWARE – Before you start submitting your content to these sites you need to be careful that you won’t get penalized for spamming.

You should always follow these two steps when sticking your social bookmakrs. 

  1. Share other website’s content 
    • Most of the top bookmarking sites are moderated and you run the risk of being banned if you over promote your own content
    • It also increases your chance of having other users sharing your content as well.
  2. Spread your bookmarking out
    • Over promoting your content even across multiple bookmarking sites can raise alarm bells with the search engines, you need to make the bookmarking look as natural as possible.

And now for the Top Bookmarking Sites list.

In conclusion …

This post wil help you gain authoritative backlinks from the top bookmarking sites online to your pages and increase the rankings of your pages. Social bookmarking is a tedious and repetitive task, but it's highly valuable for your url ranking. 

If you're just too busy, you can always hire someone to do this, I recommend  various services on Fiverr, however use at own risk.

If you found this post informative please share it, on your social media profiles, forums or even your email list and newsletter  … without your help, I couldn’t help people like you make money online.

Thank you for reading, if you have any feedback or comments, let me know below. 

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