Now that you have started your blog and learned how to create an awesome website with informative content, all you need is to know how to get traffic and leads.

In this tutorial I will share with you my top 5 stategies on how to get traffic to your blog and website that will convert into leads. 

As with anything, unless you take action and implement these strategies, nothing will happen, the sooner you do it, the sooner you will see results.

1. Be Social

How to get traffic to your blog using social media

Being active on social media and networking with like minded people should really go without saying but still this traffic source is over looked by many bloggers.

Which social media sites are right for your blog?

As a minimum you should have an account for your blog on each of the 3 big players in the social media world, Facebook, Twitter & Google+.

You can set up your WordPress blog to automatically post new content to these social media websites automatically using the Yoast SEO plugin.

In addition to these you also have various other social media websites which I have listed below.

YouTube // LinkedIn // Pinterest // Instagram

Make your content easy to Share

To do this I use a cool free plugin called Shareaholic which will add social media share buttons to your blog, making it easy for visitors to share your content with their social media following.

I have covered how you can install and configure the Shareaholic plugin over on my How to start a blog post.

Another way of having your visitors share your content is to 'bribe' them with a Social Locker plugin (if you're using Wordpress). This plugin takes certain downloadable PDF's (to a free ebook or hidden URL link) and hides it until the visitor shares it on their social media.

This is a win-win for you and your visitor and can really boost your social reach. This plugin is built into TLBPages and you can see it in action over on this page Top 60 social bookmarking post about half way down the page.

2. Post on Forums

One of the fastest and most effective ways to start seeing a good level of free traffic coming into your blog is by being an active member on forums within your niche.

Begin by selecting 2 or 3 forums within your niche and creating an account on each.

Note : When creating your profile, it’s important that you complete it fully, including a profile picture and where possible also your blog URL.

Having an incomplete profile instantly puts other users and moderators on spam alert.

Once you have created your accounts, you want to start making some helpful and informative posts, for now 20-30 posts on each account should do the trick, this is so you can start to build up a presence on the forums and be seen as a helpful community member.

Now, if any of the forums allow a URL to be added to your signature then go ahead and update your signature within your profile to include your blog URL and call-to-action, an example would be Click here to follow me on my weight loss journey.

Doing this will include your blog URL on every post you make on the forum and this is how you will be generating traffic.

Now all you need to is continue to add helpful and informative posts to the forum, interactive with other members and reference your posts on your blog where possible.

Being a helpful member of the community when posting on forums –

1. Will drive a lot more high quality traffic

2. Will stop you being banned when posting your links! Popular forums are usually heavily moderated and a ban is likely is your just fishing for clicks.

3. Optimize & SEO your website & blog

Easily the best free traffic you can attract to your blog is organic traffic from the major search engines.

The reason that search engine traffic is so effective is that when users land on your blog they have gone out of their way to search for an answer that you can provide them.

This makes them a lot more responsive to what you have to say.

To start with you are going to need to install the WordPress Yoast SEO plugin.

Next you are going to have to configure the plugin, in the next few weeks I will be covering this in detail in another post but until then, here’s a cool tutorial to follow that will step you through the whole process.

A few points to remember when SEO’ing your blog.

  • Minimum 500 words per post / page and unique content
  • Include your search phase in your page title and meta description
  • Add heading tags and include your search phrase
  • Search phrase to appear in your content between 3 – 10 times
  • Add alt text and descriptions to images
  • Encourage visitors to share your content
  • Link out only to relevant sites

4. Guest Post

A great way to get an influx of almost instant, free and highly targeted traffic is to do a guest post for another blogger within your niche.

What is guest posting?

Put simply, you will be publishing an article you have written on another blog within your niche.

It’s also a great way of connecting with other readers and getting your name out there to an already established audience.

Remember to always insist on a link back to your blog from your article, not only will it bring you a steady flow of traffic but it will also give you some valuable link juice and help with your SEO efforts.

Guest posting is also a great way to start building up relationships with like minded bloggers and this will benefit you and your blog in many different ways.

Here are a few tips on being a good guest.

  • Link to the article from your own blog
  • Hang around and reply to any comments your article receives
  • Share it with your social media audience and ask the blog own to do the same
  • Thank the blog owner

Where to start?

You’re going to need to create a list of like minded blogs within your niche, you can do this by completing a simply search over at Google.

A great way to introduce yourself is by using social media, just a few retweets or likes will be enough to get noticed. Once you have done this you can go ahead and introduce yourself properly and discuss a guest post.

Another option is to join up over at MyBlogGuest and start making some connections.

5. Comment & Interact On Other Blogs

How to get traffic to your blog with blog comments

Also known as blog commenting, this is a great way of getting noticed and driving traffic to your blog.

How blog commenting works is you find like minded blogs within your niche and you start to join in the discussions via the comments at the end of the article.

Just with the participating in forums, you need to add value for this to work effectively.

As a blog owner, you are probably already aware of the number of spam comments received and because of this, when someone comes along to your blog and adds real value to the article by making informative comments it is like a breath of fresh air.

TIP – Always add your blog URL where possible.

Interacting and adding value on another blog posts can really get you noticed within your niche as like minded people will be joining in the discussion.

In Conclusion

THere are your proven top 5 strategies that will help you on how to get traffic to your blog and how to get eyeballs to your website. The sooner you begin, the sooner it'll get done. 

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