DOWNLOAD ATTACHMENT is focused on using technology to enhance the customer and dealer experience throughout the buying process. Ensuring every dealer and lender that uses the platform is saving time and money while enhancing their user experience. Company was founded by a group that has extensive automotive industry experience as well as technology development. This group recognized the issues that dealers and consumers face with the cumbersome automotive sales process and realized that there is an easier way.

Marcin Migdal was responsible for company brand, it's advertising, marketing messaging and digital assets. Upon brand completion Marcin was the UX UI Lead on the enterprise finance lending web application with a small team of full-stacked developers. 


Level 3 - Customer Mobile (B2C)loanscrs-mobile-presentation1Level 3 - Customer Audit - Verification Center (B2C)audit_html_containeronly-mobile-loans_cars-marcin-migdal-ux-ui-designer-toronto-creative-directorLevel 3 - Customer Audit - References (B2C)audit_id_references_5references-1waiting-mobile-loans_cars-marcin-migdal-ux-ui-designer-toronto-creative-directorLevel 3 - Customer Audit - Income Verification (B2C)audit_id_accountincome_containeronly-mobile-loans_cars-marcin-migdal-ux-ui-designer-toronto-creative-directorLevel 1 Administrator - DashboardAdministrator Main - Dashboard - Annoucements
Level 1 Administrator - Communication Centre - MailboxAdministrator Main - Dashboard - Mailbox - conversation with dealer
Level 1 Administrator - Dealer Inventory - Audit - Insurance (Action Item)Administrator Main - Audit Module - Loan Item Review - Insurance ModalLevel 1 Administrator - Dealer Inventory - Loan List
Administrator Main - Audit Module - List Loans

Level 2 Dealer B2B - Communication Centre - New Support MessageDealer communication portal - mailbox list - new support messageLevel 2 Dealer B2B - Communication Centre - PinsDealer communication portal - pins lists2Level 2 Dealer B2B - Communication Centre - Pins List - Alert DetailsDealer communication portal - pins list - onclick-details